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Dec 26, 2015, 10:23 PM

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Hello fellow forum members.

I'm in desperate need of some advice

Iv have been keeping koi's for abut 2 years now and never had any deaths. The only deaths iv had with koi's are when making purchases from interstate and there might be a few week ones that die within the first few days. Besides that, my koi seem happy and healthy. Water is always clean clear and they are feed well.

Recently I had one 20 cm koi die. It was swimming and eating fine the day before its death. just after it died I netted it out. There was what I thought was a fair amount of fresh blood dripping from its gills. I didn't think too much of it due to the fact that everyone who keeps koi will always lose a fish or two. But last week a 12 cm shusui who was always looking healthy suddenly died and upon removing it from the pond. It had blood coming from its gills as well. I'm starting to worry a bit now. Today I woke up to find one of my favourite koi a 13 cm striped yellow and black metallic I had grown up from 3 cm found dead at the bottom of the pond. It was fine yesterday swimming strongly and feeding well. So it was a surprise that I found it dead this morning. I netted out of the pond and upon closer inspection. It had blood on the out side of of its gill plate region. there was a bit coming from its gills. This time there amount of blood wasn't as near as the other two koi's. Its Gills were dark red and what looks to be a little torn up as well. I need help guys. I don't want any more dying on me. Could this be some type of parasite or the herpes virus i read on an article i found n the net. here's the link to that article

My pond dimensions are is 3 m x 1.7m x .60m and housed in it are 30 odd koi's mostly ranging from 12 cm - 25 cm (x 5 at this size),
2 water falls at each end, 2 x filters (1 internal sponge. cleaned once a week) and a box filter connected to uv and cleaned once a month. water change once a week. Every so often I will remove some water and replaced, but generally I mostly just top up with rain water and sometime tap water.

Can anybody help me out with this. It would be greatly appreciated

kind regards
sadden koi keeper