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filter construction


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Jun 5, 2002, 6:08 AM

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Re: [bcktang] filter construction [In reply to] Can't Post


Are you saying that you use PVC glue to glue the
PVC male & female coupling with the fiber glass wall in between and it will hold without any leakage?



Jun 5, 2002, 9:52 AM

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Re: [bcktang] filter construction [In reply to] Can't Post

Silicone is not a glue and should not be used as one. Silicone should only be used once the pipe is fixed. Some PVC pipe are preassure fitted while others required a solvent. silixcone is then used to seal the join. It shoul dbe used on the inside is accessable as the preassure of the water is alwys pushing out.

Eric Lim

Jun 6, 2002, 4:17 PM

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Re: [SMW1] filter construction [In reply to] Can't Post

Hi! to all,

I think I better clarify things here, especially for beginners.

1. PVC glue - use to join PVC pipe & fitting. Can also for male/female threads, thought no necessary. Within half a minute - it will dry & hold fast. So make very sure the parts are in correct alignment before fusing. Best to apply on both inside & outside for thorough fusion in order not to leak.
Tips here - if joint is small size = can use a Hair Blower to melt the glue in order to shift the position require or remove the joining. Laugh

2. Silicone glue - use this for PVC piping joining that you know one day you need to disconnect. Takes abt 8 hrs. to dry. Just hard one twist & will come out. Therefore, never use for piping under pressure, ie water pump outlet, Hi-blow air pump, etc.
Strange thing is - when use on glueing glass tank, 5 pcs. of glasses together - can take pressure very well! Even for 6ft glass tank.Crazy

Note - above 2 glues are never meant to patch up any FG tank cracks or any permantly bonding that need to take on heavy strength.. Must use fibre-glass repairing.

As I'd said earilier - after drilling the require size hole, fit in the male & female coupling with gasket on the tank inside & FG on both sides.
Or you may want to save cost & fit in a PVC pipe in directly & FG = then, *very important - the hole drilling must be just fit to slide in the pipe. Hold at 90 degree & FG. In my opinion - this method is risky. One hard knock can loosen the sealing & cost leak. Male & female joint can seal more firm.

For the inner side, will be female piece (larger surface) - you can cut off the access pipe leaving on the thread inner piece. this way, the compartment got more working space.
But then Unsure - if the drainage is on the bottom side , & one wants to drain off extremely low, then don't cut. Fit in a pipe & elbow piece to nearly touch the bottom.
For those that's is draining under the compartment (the most ideal) - no need elbow, just cut the piece to lowerest in order to get the max. drainage.

FrownUnsurePirate - if all these sound so blur & chim to you, Crazy, get a FG contractor & just pay the $$$...
Pray that he do to actually what you want. My bet is - not likely...

Eric Lim
The Koi Club (S'pore)

(This post was edited by Eric Lim on Jun 6, 2002, 4:39 PM)

New User

Jul 5, 2002, 5:34 PM

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Re: [patrick123] filter construction [In reply to] Can't Post

not sure if you someone has responded to your query. What you need is a tank outlet fitting. Basically it comes in different sizes, utilise a flat rubber washer on each side of the opening where this fitting goes through your filter box.

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