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Jun 8, 2000, 7:07 PM

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High Nitrates Level? Try This!

Hi all
The f/mattings in question were immersed in water as you can see from the pic up the post. They are moved out for the benefit of some hobbyists who wanted to know if the trickle works in the absence of f/mattings. I agree with Doc Conard that if f/mattings were used in place of bioballs, the trickle system will perform an equally good job. So far I have not post my experiments on the 3 systems which I promised to try them out on 3 diff. flow rates. In fact I have also a 4th system with the only the japanese f/mattings running at 75GPM. All 4 tanks are heavily overload and results so far have been *fantastic*. (You saw in my up post that I have problem building up nitrates for the experiment - isn't this something great and good news to all). My wife and I were amazed by the interim results on all the 4 systems under test - that they work so well in a overly stock tanks.

My interim conclusion is *Trickle system seems to be the direction for bringing down nitrates level whereby during the process of nitrification, somehow ammonia and nitrites are reduced to zero.*

Doc RC, one more point which you pointed out in your earlier post about the diff. flow rate. I found your prediction to be true -there is no influence whatsoever of flow rate on a wet/dry trickle tower filter in all the 4 systems so far.

There were two noticeable setbacks -
1)the *heavy stuff* seems to return to the tanks and clearly visible in crystal clear water.
2)the system cannot kick when its virgin.

Some New dated 20th Aug 2000 - More findings since I last post on this system 3 months ago. I added more info into this particular post so that those who come here will not be mislead by my earlier reports.

About the media - Bioballs has provened itself to be the best as compared to synthetic Japanese matings(SJM), cremaic rings and hair curls. There is absolutely zero maintenance required in bioballs. The worst being SJM which consistently give up a foul smell coupled with lots of insects flying at the opening of the filter system.

About the height/depth - My observation show that if water is made to travel through a distance(height of bioballs) of 18 inches or more, the results are good as compared to those that are less than 18 inches. Anything that is less than a foot is a waste of effort.

About the flow rate - I must apology for the wrong information given in the up post. My 3 months observations showed that a slower water flow rate gives good results as compared to a higher flow.

My recommendation - For long term use only bioballs as trickle media. (For short term, any types of media works.) Although a slower pump works better, use a pump that will circulates 1.5 to 2 times per hours of your total volume of water.


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