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Aug 11, 2000, 9:03 AM

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Vortex Units - Urgent!

Some figures to ponder on:
Surface area of a 40" vortex = 8.7 sq ft
4 units give a total of 34.8 sq ft
This means the vortex units have 19% of pond surface area.

For the trickle tower:
Assuming 1 cuft of bioballs gives 100 sq ft of surfaces for bacterial colonization, then 2 cu ft = 200 cu ft of useful surfaces

Therefore the filter system consisting of 4 vortex units + 1 trickle tower = 234.8 sq ft = 130% of pond surface area. That's impressive guys!

In Koi Kichi, Peter Waddington claims that vortex unit by far is the most efficient mechanical filtration available.

If the above calculation is logical and correct, then the above system should be an efficient long term design with minimal hassle in the unkeep.So why bother to play with those inefficient multichamber upflow type of filter, settlement tank etc.Any comments from the experts?

Flow Rate:
Max capacity of Omni-U is 2897 Imp Gallon/Hr. Assuming the pump only works on 60% capacity, then flow rate should work out to be approx 1738 Gal/Hr. This is close to the prescribed flow rate of 1800-2000 gal/hr
So my deduction is to run only one pump at a time by a timer. Does this make sense?

I really hope the experts out there could enlighten me on the above. I'm building my pond next week. So really need some assurance that the system would work.

Thanks and best regards.

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