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Feb 11, 2000, 10:18 PM

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Which is more dangerous, high or low pH?

Hi Alan
Seems to me that you are experiencing an ammonia spike or a pH swings.
pH swings of more than 2 in a short period of time may be the reason
why the koi is dying

How long did you have the cement/concrete pond? How did you treat your pond?

Is your filtration system OK? Enough cap. for the pond?

Your pond may not be ready for fish.

You did the right thing by moving the koi to the kiddy pond. You should also:-
1. Aerate your kiddy pond vigorously. Air stone helps.
2. Add salt - besides killing bugs it also calms koi.
3. If you can install a heater and bring it to 28 to 30C, it definitely help to bring up the body resistance.

If you are still lost, bring your fish to the petshop and safe keep them there. The seller should be glad to help you. Alternatively, you may want to consider a small fibre glass tank and put the young ones there for the time being. Later tank can becomes a Q-tank when you move fish to pond.

Good luck

(This post was edited by Mark Richman on Nov 2, 2000, 9:00 AM)

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