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Eric Lim

Jun 3, 2002, 5:13 PM

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Re: [patrick123] filter construction

Hi! Patrick,

To your earlier question - you can call Mr. Thomas Tan of Ban Loke Manufacturing Trading Co. Pg: 9607 4772. If can't get him - go to Love Koi. He's usually there with Eric Ong.
Your problem is - IS your job big enough to interest him? He's a busy man. But his workmanship is of quality, unlike others in the market. Laugh

As per your later questions - the way I see it, its too small scope. Do it yourself. Unsure
1. Why do you use only 20mm PVC piping for drainage? that's 3/4 ins. - too small as drain pipe.
If possible not less than 2ins./50mm - or whatever largest size you can afford above 20mm.
Or am I reading incorrectly - you really meant 20CM. That's abt. 8ins. wow! Cost of 8ins. PVC fitting will kill you, that is IF you can find a shop who STOCK them....Crazy
2. Use a male & female coupling with external & internal threads. Remember to buy the rubber gaskets - one on each side.
3. Remember - inner side of filter box is always smooth. Use the female piece on the Inside, coz the face area is bigger & sealing with the rubber gasket inbetween is much better. You can use silicone here for more failproof sealing. On the outside, you still use one more rubber gasket or not at all (doesn't sealed well anyway).
4. Once this is done - applied 2 layers of FG at one go, dry till tomorrow & then again 2 more coats & dry.
To over come the circular PVC piping contour, you can cut the mat with a V-cut so that the mat can sit inner. Tongue

The 1st time is always difficult, especially with the terrible smell & sticky / messy job. But once you are more familiar - can work faster & seems easier. Wink
You be surprise how FG can be useful for many other sealing job. In facts, I learnt this technique when I once worked in an chemical company where corrosion is a big problem. Every bolts & nuts are FG to made it more lasting. Even wooden frames can also be coated.

The only thing I still can't find is the non-toxic color dye for FG. Not sold in the shops I'd mentioned. Don't think Thomas is willing to sell or tell me where to buy!! Pirate
Anyone out there know where to buy in S'pore?
Pls. care to share? Crazy


(This post was edited by Eric Lim on Jun 3, 2002, 5:26 PM)

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Post edited by Eric Lim (User) on Jun 3, 2002, 5:26 PM

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