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Eric Lim

Jul 25, 2001, 6:13 AM

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Rearing Koi in Fiberglass tank

Hi! rickyer8,

Let me share with you some of my in-door koi keeping experiences.
I'd been keeping in-door koi for 13yrs. The above 4 photos are my present collection. It's a 1.8tons (including 40% of filtration) tank. Smile

Mr. tstang was wrong to say there's not much differences in In or Out-door Keeping. Let me share with all some tips;

1. Never keep yellow colour (Yamabuki, Kigoi) = Always fade fastest. Blue - also fade (Shusui,Asagi).

2. Never keep Matsuba type (pine-cone) - Kin/Gin/Hariwake Matsuba, Goshiki, Koromo, Asagi, Aka/Ki Matsuba, Kujaku, etc = Always fade.

3. Koi lustre/ sheen will lost in 1 to 3 months time. Hikarimono types the fastest. Of all the shining types - the best to keep is Platinum Ogon of Normal/Mirror/Leather Doitsu types. Silver will be pure without orange dots. Out-door common problem.

4. If bloodlines are good, fade lesser or slower. Applies to all types. Kinginrin = not a problem. The snort (mouth) of indoor koi tends to be whiter than outdoor.

4. Best to keep male koi. Female tends to go pot-belly. No depth/ space for exercise.

5. Be prepare for slow growth. If kept too many like me - get `bonsai' koi. (Actually I prefer this, don't eat me bankrupt). Wink

6. Chaigoi, Soragoi & Ochiba-shigure are the best types to keep - don't change much.

7. Gosanke are the most difficult to keep - most likely to lose out. Don't buy at 10 to 15cm. Buy above 15cm = more stable. Better if at 20cm.

8. Sumi is hard to maintain - must use coral chips (last compartment in small amount) & strong aeration. I'm using two Hi-Blow pumps.
FG tank pH can crash easily - must buffer with coral chips, etc. I'd ever experience pH at 4.5 & < the chart reading.

I'd paid alot of school fee to learn these. Cull off many. Presently, I've a out-door FG tank where I put my yellow, matsuba, Gosanke types = all are going well. But once put in-door = sob!
Well, at least now I got room to play. Those you see in photos are NOT from the outdoor tank. All have been in it,> two months, some years.

FYI. Pls. feel free to comments & share experiences.
Cheers. Smile

Eric Lim

(This post was edited by Eric Lim on Dec 7, 2002, 9:00 AM)

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