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Oct 7, 2002, 3:07 PM

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Re: [fwpy] green water problem

Hi Fred Smile, welcome to the forum. The green water problem gets worst when you clean the biofilter and make water change outs. UV clarifier is the fastest way to clear the problem. If you don't want to use it, I suggest you give some time for the bacteria which produces a certain phytoplankton-killing enzyme to grow so that the water will become clear again. This bacteria grows best if 1)you have a pump which could give a pondwater turnover rate of once per hour thru the biofilter. 2)you have sufficient oxygenation and biomedia to support it's growth. 3)you have a thick layer of algae on the walls of the pond. The bacteria loves to feed on this algae and releases the enzyme into the water as it is doing so. Other supportive measures would be to reduce nitrate levels with plants. Since your pond is sufficiently shaded, there shouldn't be any problem with sunlight. Changing too much water and cleaning too much of your biofilter will kill alot of these bacteria resulting in more phytoplankton and green water. So, instead of changing more water, just wait and try to achieve the above mentioned conditions for the good bacteria to grow. By the way, the green water is not bad for the koi if you make sure that ammonia and nitrite are not detectable and nitrates at a reasonable level like below 50ppm. Pls do not hesitate to ask more if you need further clarification. Happy koi keeping!Smile
Always friendly :)

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