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Testing of Pond Water
A detail description on the testing of water in KOI  pond. Good for beginer as well as experienced.

Things to be considered when keeping KOI in tropical climate such as country like Malaysia.

Beginner's guide on buying KOI.

Standard for Judging Nishikigoi
A detail description on the standard for judging KOI in Koi show is outlined here. Very informative and will be useful in guiding experience KOI keeper in   KOI selection.

KOI pond construction
Detail decription on KOI pond construction by Mr Hans Ham.
Good for both beginner and the experienced.

The use of Common Salt (Sodium chloride) in koi pond as medication. 

Use of KMnO4 Potassium Permanganate in overstocked koi pond.

Setting up of pond filter system
What is Montmorillonite clay and its relation to Bentonite, benefit it procide to koi and proposed dosage.
Which is more dangerous, high pH or low pH ?
Building Pond
Is coral chips suitable as medium for bio filter ?
Pond Filter
Active Ulceration
UV Filters
Conrad's filtration tips for overstocking ponds
My pond turn green !!